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Why Thailand Must Decentralize

Significant decentralization is not included in the Thai military government’s understanding of ‘reform’. The policy package being proposed apparently contains no such measures. It may be too much to hope that a group of command-and-control generals could implement a decentralization of power, even if they wanted to. They are doing the opposite.

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Peering into Thailand’s Turbulent Future

The courts may shortly remove Thailand’s prime minister, Yingluck Shinawatra. This would mean that in the past eight years, four prime ministers have been felled and four election results voided — surely a world record.   Behind this turbulence is major social change. Over one generation, average real per capita income tripled. The impact was greatest in the lower half of …

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Thailand on The Brink

Thailand is no stranger to political turmoil but the current unrest looks set to be a protracted and especially bitter affair, raising the very real possibility of civil war. The stage seems set for a showdown between anti-government forces, backed by powerful vested interests, and a flawed but democratically elected government that enjoys mass support, especially in its rural heartlands. The conflict …

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