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Uzbekistan’s Elite Keep Profiting from Forced Labor

Uzbekistan still depends on cotton exports driven by what amounts to slave labor. A new report brings this practice to light.

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Central Asia’s New Silk Road, Paved by China

Over the past decade, Central Asia has grown from a marginal position in Beijing’s strategic calculus to the top of its diplomatic priorities: China is fast emerging as a vital economic and political player in this strategically located and resource-rich region. In early September Chinese President Xi Jinping visited several Central Asian countries bringing billions in investment — a trip that …

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In Afghanistan, Victory Comes From Sports, Not War

Celebrations erupted across Afghanistan last week after the country’s nascent national team won the South Asian Football Federation Asian Championship in Kathmandu, Nepal, beating regional giant India 2-0. The jubilations show that Afghans, like any other nation, cherish the normal pursuits of present-day life:  peace, happiness and national preeminence. Cricket is another major sport that Afghans are fast becoming passionate about …

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