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Huge Backlog Could Trigger New Wave of Shale Oil 

The ballooning number of uncompleted wells has repeatedly fueled speculation that a sudden rush of new supply might come if companies shift those wells into production. The latest crash in oil prices once again raises this prospect. 

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Has the U.S. Reached ‘Peak Oil’ at Current Price Levels?

The depletion of tight and shale gas reserves in parts of the US at a faster rate, may lead to cost pressures down the road. If prices don't rise to offset those higher drilling costs then the US production will start declining.

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Are Falling Oil Prices an Opportunity for Asia?

Low oil prices seem to benefit most countries, even oil producers. As long as the price does not fall below the level that OPEC members can withstand, they still profit. For other countries, low energy costs should be beneficial to consumers and to most industries, especially the transport and refining industries.

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