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US Military and Climate Security Budgets Compared

A new report connects U.S. military engagement and the threat of climate change, which now is being considered a threat to national security.

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Moving Beyond Iraq’s Nightmare

Next week’s general elections (on April 30) in Iraq are the first to be held since the US military withdrawal in 2011. Some analysts claim that because the Americans are no longer present the exercise is attracting less attention. However, there may be another reason for the relative decline in interest regarding how Iraqis vote.   Over the past decade, …

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Shutdown: President’s Message to The Military

Obama reassures military: You will be paid during shutdown (via Raw Story ) As the deadline passed to avert a shutdown of U.S. government operations, President Barack Obama’s administration released a video message to military service members in combat situations and Department of Defense (DOD) staffers reassuring them that…

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