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Investigations Usually Hurt a President’s Reputation – But Trump Isn’t Usual

Investigations often damage the president's approval rating, particularly if the inquiry drags on for a long time. But that may not matter to a historically unpopular president like Trump.

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Could President Trump be Impeached and Convicted?

Given the timing of an impeachment vote in the House and a Senate trial, a verdict could be rendered with the 2020 general election campaign in full swing, or even between Election Day and inauguration. This would create serious doubt and deep division about whether a president removed from office could legitimately take the oath of office again.

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Mueller Report: From ‘Total Exoneration!’ to ‘Impeach Now!’

How can a community decide the direction it should go, if its members cannot even agree on where they are? Two political scientists say the growing phenomenon of dueling facts threatens democracy.

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