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Sri Lanka’s Delicate Balancing Act

Sri Lanka’s position is indicative of an emerging new Indo-Pacific order, where regional countries seek to remain strategically neutral while selectively engaging with the major powers in order to serve their own interests.

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An Indian View on Sri Lanka: Dealing with Devolution

After the defeat of the LTTE and the economic activism of China, the geostrategic reality has altered significantly in Colombo’s favor. With no usable leverages, India may have to live with 13A minus police powers, provided the devolved powers are actually implemented on the ground.

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Sri Lanka’s Former War Zone Needs More Investment

Policy changes that encourage and provide incentives to create jobs in Sri Lanka’s northern former war zone are necessary to ease the impact of dwindling aid there, experts say. Since 2010 three successive appeals for reconstruction work under the Joint Plan of Assistance to the Northern Province issued by the UN and Sri Lanka government have been underfunded by US$430 million. In the last …

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