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Time to Rethink Economic Policies in Indonesia

With the recent election of a new president, now is a good time to focus on improving the quality of economic policymaking. To begin, how should Indonesia make use of its rich natural resources? Broadly speaking, these can be used either to finance consumption or to create productive assets that will generate future income.

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What Indonesian Polls Do and Don’t Mean

Indonesia’s PDI-P party, the home of Soekarno-ist nationalism, was expecting Wednesday’s (April 9) legislative elections to carry it to a stunning comeback after a decade out of government during the (Susilo Bambang) Yudhoyono years.   It had the good fortune of being associated with Joko Widodo (normally known as Jokowi), the Jakarta governor whose mass popularity had convinced PDI-P’s old guard …

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Spying Down Under – One Big Scandal in Indonesia

Indonesians are usually an easy-going, amiable people. But last week, they were boiling with anger and a sense of betrayal after revelations that Australia’s Signals Directorate had been tapping the phones of senior Indonesian government officials, including President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and, worst of all, his wife, First Lady Ani Yudhoyono. Aussie intelligence was also spying on the very same …

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