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Leapfrogging Won’t Solve Africa’s Economic Woes

With its rapidly growing population, Africa should follow the tried-and-tested route of using manufacturing to achieve growth.

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Electrifying Africa, But at What Cost to Africans?

As families in the United States steel themselves for the possibility of another sweltering summer with rolling blackouts triggered by high demand for air conditioning, it’s a good time to remember that many families throughout Africa work and live in buildings with no electricity. In areas that do have the utility, frequent power outages are a constant reminder of the …

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World Bank Accused of Facilitating Africa Land Grab

A new research report accuses the World Bank of favoring the interests of financial markets over food security and following such policies that facilitate land grab in Africa. “While nearly 80 percent of food consumed in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia is produced by smallholder farmers, the Bank negates the importance of small-scale farming for sustainable rural development and food security,” …

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