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Stability Reigns But Sri Lanka Might Stay in Chains

Sri Lanka will enter a critical phase of its economic reforms in 2018. In order to reap the full benefits of macroeconomic stability, the government should balance some quick policy fixes with deeper reforms.

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Can Sri Lanka Build a Prosperous Post-war Future?

After decades of low growth and stifled economic progress because of the debilitating conflict, the Sri Lankan economy has demonstrated impressive post-war progress, thanks largely to Chinese investment. The 2010–13 GDP growth has averaged 7 per cent, and is likely to exceed that in 2014. Poverty rates have fallen sharply and greater price stability has been achieved.

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Sri Lankan Economy Needs Long Game

Sri Lanka’s post-conflict development aspirations have been fashioned on a simple but socio-politically persuasive argument: sustain growth at high levels and extend its benefits to more people. In this, the government that swept into power in 2010 has delivered both a stronger economic performance and rising living standards for the average citizen. During 2010–13, GDP growth has averaged 7 per cent …

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