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Interplay Between Economy And Security

Pakistan’s economy faces fundamental challenges to sustain its economic growth and hence economic security. With falling domestic and foreign investments, the current policy of consumption-led growth is threatening even to maintain the present low economic growth.

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Asia’s Shifting Economic and Military Power

China is seeking to “redraw Asia’s geopolitical map” through the Twenty-First Century Maritime Silk Road and Silk Road Economic Belt projects. What looked like two Asias with quite different dynamics now looks more like one complex Asia, in which economic as well as military power is being used within a competitive logic between states.

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The New Silk Road to Nowhere

The United States is due to leave Central Asia by the end of 2014. Along with troops, money and equipment, U.S. interests in the region will also be pulled back. As it withdraws, the U.S. State Department is emphasizing a project called “The New Silk Road,” aimed at facilitating Central Asia’s efforts to return to its historic role as the …

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