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Gambia Coup Didn’t Just Fail, It Backfired

The aftermath of the failed coup in the Gambia has reached the USA, where two alleged plotters are being put on trial by US authorities. This is the best case scenario for Gambia’s president-for-life Yahya Jammeh, who survives with his power reinforced by a de facto American endorsement.

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What West Africa Can Teach the U.S. About Ebola

Nigeria and Senegal have declared victory on Ebola even as healthcare workers in Texas contract it. Texas is not West Africa. But every once in a while, the West African example is worth following.

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Africa Loses $50bn a Year in Plundered Resources

Africa is losing 50 billion dollars or 5.7% of sub-Saharan Africa’s gross domestic product (GDP) each year due to unending plunder of its forests, fisheries and other resources by corrupt officials and foreign investors, says a major new report on the continent.   Africa’s rich natural resources offer a unique opportunity for a breakthrough in improving the lives of Africa’s citizens …

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