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2020 Campaign: The More Women Run, The More They’re Treated Like Candidates

Aware of their symbolic status, women feel extra pressure to perform and “prove their competence” while simultaneously trying not to make the men “look bad” and “blend noticeably into the predominant male culture.”

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MoveOn.org to Back Another Clinton Opponent

While the potential GOP field is crowded, the long-held presumption among the bulk of Democrats is that if Hillary Clinton runs, most other candidates will stay out of her way. But MoveOn.org is seeking to prevent that by pushing to get Sen. Elizabeth Warren into the 2016 presidential race.

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900 Rich Won’t Contribute to Social Security

While almost all working Americans will pay into Social Security through their paychecks throughout the year, the 900 wealthiest people in the country won’t. That’s because the highest-earning 0.0001 percent of the U.S. — many of them corporate CEOs — made $117,000 in the first two days of the year, which is the maximum annual income that is subject to Social …

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