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Can Pakistan’s Foreign and Security Policy Be ‘Neutral’?

Pakistan's foreign policy must serve its national interests, its internal and external security and its regional standing. In a growingly polarized world there has to be a balance in its relations with a commitment to being neutral with its neighbors and within the region, argues Ikram Sehgal.

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A Game-Changing Visit

The US seems to view Pakistan through the “Afghanistan Prism” ever since Barack Obama became the US President Obama. Islamabad must create its own space to not only establish but cement its relevance to the US, otherwise the geo-political configuration of this region will continue to remain uncertain and undefined.

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India’s Monroe Doctrine

Aware of the Pakistani leadership’s inherent weakness subordinating the national interest to their greed and self-interest, the Americans have never really listened to what Chinese PM Chou En Lai told Kissinger in 1971 July during his ground-breaking historic trip to China, “do not forget the bridge (sic Pakistan) you have used, you may have to use it again”.

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