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Romania’s Revolution: 25 Years On

An eyewitness to the bloody events in Bucharest remembers and finds hope.

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Europe’s Immigrants, Migrants and Emigrés

“Fortress Europe” was how critics used to describe the cordon sanitaire thrown around Europe by strict immigration control. But since the enlargement of the European Union, it is freedom of movement of people within the EU that is causing much of the resentment -- particularly in Britain, which may even vote to leave the EU altogether if she is unable to get some sort of opt-out to control freedom of movement of persons from the EU.

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Land grabbing Reflects Dominant Development Model

The term ‘global land grab’ has recently re-entered the lexicon to describe a surge in national and transnational commercial large-scale land deals. In recent years, various actors, from big agribusiness corporations, to financial investors such as banks and hedge funds, to state-owned enterprises and sovereign wealth funds, and more, have been targeting tracts of land around the world. In many …

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