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Modi in a Muddle

India must realize that it cannot expect to live in peace while the neighborhood remains embroiled in conflict. Pakistan’s stability depends on a stable Afghanistan. And the same is true for stability in India and the region.

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A View from India: Love, Faith and Conversions

With the romanticized temper of the 100 days of Narendra Modi government over, the anti-Muslim tone is heard throughout India; in fact, this constitutes a major strand in the bond by which the Hindutva forces feel united after the triumphant majority to the Indian parliament, says one analyst.

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A BJP-Muslim Entente Cordiale in India?

In a TV interview last week, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Arun Jaitley admitted that the BJP had a Muslim “problem.” “Yes, we have it,” he said, pointing out that there was a “problem both ways.”   “Part of the problem is that they (Muslims) have to understand us and part of the problem is we have to accept it…But …

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