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View from Africa: Is Nigeria Too Big to Fail?

The destruction of Boko Haram will not necessarily lead to a more peaceful and stable Nigeria. The extremist group rose out of a toxic brew of corruption, religion, politics and ethno-regionalism, in which struggles over Nigeria’s vast oil revenues have played out for decades.

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Controversy over Massacre in Nigerian Town

Were 2,000 people killed or the toll was 150 in the Islamist militant group Boko Haram attack on northern Nigerian town of Baga and nearby villages in early January.

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The Rise and Rise of Africa’s Richest Man

Aliko Dangote made his fortune by gambling on Africa’s future, repeatedly. For the Nigerian entrepreneur, that gamble has paid off spectacularly. He’s now Africa’s richest man, and the money just keeps rolling in. What’s he doing right?

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