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Saudi-Iranian Rivalry And the New Middle East

Although Saudi Arabia and Iran have never actually gone to war, the two states have clearly perceived each other as enemies and acted accordingly, engaging in proxy war with one another. The two states' claim to being an Islamic state, both claim leadership and guardianship of the Muslims in the region.

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On Combatting Saudi Jihadism

The Saudi scene remains confused when confronting extremism and terrorism. This is only natural after many years of trying to understand and define the phenomenon. The threat to the Kingdom from extremism and terrorism has been clear, from the infamous Grand Mosque Seizure in 1979 to the deaths of our people at the hands of the Islamic State of Iraq …

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A Battle for the Soul of Islam

One does not have to be a revolutionary poet like Faiz Ahmad Faiz to look at events in the Muslim world and lament at being deceived by the promise of a false dawn — as he memorably did at the time of Indian independence, “Yeh woh sehar to nahin jiski arzoo le kar, chale the yaar ke mil jayegee kabhi …

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