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Pakistan – At the Mercy of Cartels and SROs

Big businesses usually rely on direct dealing with lynchpins in Pakistan's important ministries as well as those who are key to decision-making. And the most common tool for extracting benefits is Statutory Regulatory Order.

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Fighting Terrorism: Extraordinary Situations Require Extraordinary Solutions

Legislation and reform take time in Pakistan while the terrorists are already here causing mayhem and murder. Ikram Sehgal argues that to save the country and promote national unity for the time being the motto must remain, ‘extraordinary situations require extraordinary means’.

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Doomsday Politics

Can parliament pass laws that protect the corrupt from facing accountability? Tailored to “democratic” whims for a cover up of corruption, passing Nawaz Sharif-specific amendment may or may not be contempt of court, it shows utter contempt for the people of Pakistan.

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