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How Erdogan Held onto Power, and What This Means for Turkey’s Future

  Recep Tayyib Erdogan will remain president of Turkey for another five years after winning Sunday’s run-off election over his long-time rival, Kemal Kilicdaroglu. If he serves the full five-year term, he will have held power for 26 years – almost the entire history of Turkey in the 21st century. What is astonishing is how the majority of Turkish people …

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Ramadan Starts in North America

illions of Muslims across North America will start the holy month of Ramadan tomorrow, Thursday, March 23. American Muslims traditionally follow local moon sightings and scientific calculations while a large part of the community follows the Saudi Islamic calendar. This year the entire Muslim population will start the holy month on the same date because the Islamic Society of North …

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Why Walking Through the Countryside ‘Tames’ Our Brain

El Cares hiking trail in Northern Spain. Shutterstock / SergioNF   “I’m going to the countryside over the weekend to disconnect.” This is a common refrain among people who, overwhelmed by the big city, seek to spend a few days in nature as a means of escape. We all know it works – a couple of days spent in rural …

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