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Stretching the Truth in Pakistan

Besides the recent dastardly attacks on policemen and Rangers in Karachi (Pakistan’s commercial hub), the TTP (the Pakistani Taliban terrorist umbrella organization) brutally beheaded 23 (paramilitary) Frontier Corps (FC) men in their custody in Afghanistan.  Why are we (the Pakistani government) talking to these sadistic murderers when they are not going to stop their atrocities, and more importantly, does their …

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The Paradoxes of Negotiating with Pakistani Taliban

Writing in The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History in their 2011 article titled “The Paradoxes of Negotiating with Terrorist and Insurgent Organizations”, Isabelle Duyvesteyn and Bart Schuurman maintain that such negotiations are neither as straightforward nor indeed as desirable a means of conflict resolution as they may seem.   Citing examples from various conflicts, the authors maintain that in …

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Pakistani Militants’ Media Front

  Militancy poses a serious threat to the security and stability of Pakistan. While the government and various state institutions are trying to respond in their own way and according to their own capacity, persistent ideological, political and operational ambiguities about the nature and level of militancy not only compound the problem but also add to its intensity. One critical …

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