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Pakistan: Client-Patron Relation and Cronyism

Pakistan's woes have been aggravated by a handful very powerful and influential families that have been dominating the political scene since this nation has come into being – common in all these families is being wealthy, having rural landowners' background or have some tribal connections.

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No End to Pakistan’s Political Turmoil, for Now

For the moment, it is difficult to precisely predict the final outcome of Pakistan’s political turmoil. For Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s political allies in parliament, saving Pakistan’s democracy appears to be synonymous with saving the prime minister’s job — and given the situation their stance is understandable. But judged from the many other vantage points, and going beyond the current crisis, the long-term view of the rule of Sharif’s Pakistan Muslim League party might be different.

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Sharifs Pushing Pakistan Towards Political Crisis

If the Sharifs remain hell-bent creating problems for themselves politically, matters may well spill out of control in the streets of Pakistan. Public perceptions notwithstanding, the Army will not use that as an excuse to throw the Sharifs out. When (and if) the people decide enough is enough, the Army may simply stand by and not bail them out.

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