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Pakistan Headed in the Right Direction in 2013

While 2013 was marred by natural disaster, violence, increasing conservatism and poor economic trends, it should be remembered as the year that democracy was consolidated in Pakistan.   Historically, Pakistan has swung between democracy and military rule. Since independence in 1947, Pakistan has been ruled by the military on three occasions and for a period totaling over half of the country’s …

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Enforcing or Negotiating Peace in Pakistan

We love the Afghan Taliban — the slayers of arrogant global superpowers — but not so much their brothers-in-arms in Pakistan, the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). Is there a method to our madness that only the khaki-inspired ‘strategic’ mindset is capable of comprehending? We have over 40,000 citizens and probably another 5,000 or so security personnel dead. We hear emphatic demands …

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