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Pakistan: A Catalyst at War

Instead of seeking power for power’s sake, Imran must be the catalyst for electoral reform so that only the best, and not the worst, get into Parliament by a correct exercise of the vote to reflect the public aspirations. The people of Pakistan must have genuine democracy, starting at the grassroots level.

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Impunity Denied Us Justice: Family of Slain Pakistani Journalist

Three years down the road as 2014 gives way to 2015 little has changed in brining the killers of Pakistani journalist Saleem Shehzad to justice. Neither have Shahzad’s killers been identified and punished nor have the recommendations of Inquiry Commission that investigated his death been implemented.

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View from India: Behind Delhi’s ‘Pakistan Quandary’

India needs subtle strategies to contain and counter “threats” from Pakistan. The jingoistic and threatening rhetoric in a section of Indian media in response to each “provocation” from Pakistan does India no good. India’s power ought to be felt by its adversaries and not flaunted.

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