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Asia’s Other Nuclear Standoff

With the world focused on the scary possibility of war on the Korean Peninsula, not many people paid much attention to a series of naval exercises this past July in the Malacca Strait, a 550-mile long passage between Sumatra and Malaysia through which pass over 50,000 ships a year.   With President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un …

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Nuclear Weapons Modernization Threatens NPT?

Nearly half a century after the five declared nuclear-weapon states signed the NPT, none of them appears willing to eliminate them in the foreseeable future. Granted, the nuclear arms race is over but the world’s nine nuclear-armed states still possess more than 10,000 nuclear warheads combined. China, India, North Korea, Pakistan, and possibly Israel are increasing their stockpiles although at levels far below those of Russia and the U.S.

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Does Saudi Arabia Want a Nuclear Bomb?

The negotiations between Iran and the west have not yet produced a deal. At the same time, the BBC’s Mark Urban, a defense correspondent, has unearthed a worrying connection between Iran moving towards the nuclear bomb threshold and a Saudi Arabian decision to produce a nuclear bomb with Pakistani help. “Saudi Arabia has invested in Pakistani nuclear weapons projects and …

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