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Past Minimum Wage Gains Make LA’s $6 Hike Appear Puny

Los Angeles' planned 66% increase over five years pales in comparison with many past minimum wage hikes in California and at the federal level.

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Three Boos for NFL Cheerleader Abuse

Let’s turn now to the wide, wide and cruel world of sports.   The big story at this time of year, of course, is the Super Bowl — that multi-multi-million-dollar showcase of super-paid superstars, billionaire owners, taxpayer-financed sports palaces, extravagant corporate skyboxes serving deep-fried caviar, and TV ads running $4 million for a 30-second spot.   Behind the scenes of …

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Fast Food Giants Gorge on Subsidies

The fast food industry is notorious for handing out lean paychecks to their burger flippers and fat ones to their CEOs. What’s less well-known is that taxpayers are actually subsidizing fast food incomes at both the bottom — and top — of the industry. Take, for example, Yum Brands, which operates the Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut chains. Wages …

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