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Ferguson is Not a Special Case

Three social facts that guarantee it won’t be long before the nation’s attention focuses on another divided community or insensitive Tweet that yet again reveals the permanence of racism.

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SF Giants Victory: 4 Reasons Why Progressives are Happy

The San Francisco Giants have won their third World Series in five years, continuing their trend of winning every even-numbered year. The Giants’ principal owner, Charles B. Johnson is known for his support of the conservative PAC American Crossroads but overall the team and its fans have been leaders in progressive causes.

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Why Body Cameras Alone Won’t Solve Policing Problem

The use of body cams by police in Rialto, California led to a 60 percent drop in use of police force with complaints against police officers falling by almost 90 percent. The only obstacle preventing every police department from making cameras standard is cost — $300 to $400 per unit and oversight of video recordings.

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