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Politics, not elections, will change Singapore

It's highly unlikely that the 2015 Singapore election will bring any major change. It is more likely that politics will transform in the longer term. And this change will most likely come from within the ruling party, rather than from the weak opposition or emasculated civil society.

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Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore

For three decades, traveling around, into and out of Southeast Asia, J. Brooks Spector and his family passed through Singapore numerous times. One of his children was even born there. This gave him a chance to see Singapore’s evolution under the guidance of its redoubtable, and very long-lived leader, Lee Kuan Yew.

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Book Review: Cambodia’s Remarkable Journey

Amazingly, Cambodia's transition out of rule by the Khmer Rouge, its long civil war, and its descent into electoral authoritarianism have all been guided by one man. A new book looks at his legacy.

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