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America’s Ridiculously Rich: the 2014 Edition

Since 1989, Federal Reserve figures show, the median net worth of families in America’s statistical middle class has dropped from $75,300 to $61,700, after taking inflation into account. This year, for the first time ever, Forbes has assigned a “self-made score” to every one of America’s richest 400. More than two-thirds of this year’s 400, Forbes claims, rate as “self-made.”

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Two Women Among the Greediest People of 2013

I always agonize while compiling a list of the 10 greediest Americans of the year. Every holiday season, I find so many candidates deserving this distinction that bankers alone could fill this list. Or fast-food CEOs.   Male masters of the universe again dominate this year’s top 10. But for the first time since 2008, two women made the cut. Neither …

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