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Pakistan’s Response to Terrorism: Will it Work?

Pakistan has launched the much-anticipated operation against Taliban and foreign militants in the North Waziristan tribal region. Aerial bombing of militant targets in regions close to the country’s border with Afghanistan has left dozens of militants dead. A ground military operation is also underway. But one analyst thinks that “targeted” military operations against terrorists may not be enough. The country, he says, needs a new and comprehensive socio-political narrative to educate the civil-military bureaucracy, media and judiciary about the primacy of the internal enemy and the need to build peace with, and diffuse, the external threat.

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Pakistan Under Siege

Pakistan successfully foiled a terrorist attack on the country's largest airport. But the ten attackers, all of whom were killed, did succeed in highlighting the country's failure in winning the intelligence war, which holds the key to rooting out terrorism from its soil.

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