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India Needs a Grand Design for Economic Reform

India's new government has been reproached for the piecemeal nature of reform so far. Procedures for certain government approvals have been streamlined and states are inching ahead on once taboo labor reform. But a grand design for further and bigger reforms has been missing.

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Can Indian Economic Boom Restart?

Two factors dominated perceptions about the Indian economy in 2013: first, the coexistence of high inflation and subdued economic growth and, second, the deterioration in the investment climate.   Latest reports of year to year inflation (in November 2013) are illustrative. Wholesale price index (WPI) inflation (7.52 per cent) was at its highest in 14 months whereas the index of …

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India’s High Price For Slow Growth

Oscar Wilde would fancy himself prescient. In The Importance of Being Earnest, he had the governess warn her impressionable charge: ‘Cecily, you will read your Political Economy in my absence. The chapter on the Fall of the Indian rupee you may omit. It is somewhat too sensational. Even these metallic problems have their melodramatic side’. There has been much concern about …

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