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View from India: The Map of Neighbourly Outreach

If states have only permanent interests, then India is yet to define them. Until then, New Delhi will swing between chaotic state responses to terrorist attacks and that of dramatic bilateral summits.

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Views from Delhi: Getting the Talk Atmospherics Right

Talks between India and Pakistan suffer from certain inbuilt defects. India’s desire to up the ante for talks stems from a combination of international and domestic pressures. In contrast, Pakistan has far fewer stakes in the outcomes.

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Modi’s Set the Bar for Talks With Pakistan Far Too High

India’s Pakistan policy is confused. The fact that Narendra Modi government jumped to the wrong conclusion about talks with Pakistan suggests two things. Either it overestimated its capacity to enforce new conditions on a politically troubled, if not enfeebled, Pakistani prime minister or it simply hasn’t clearly thought through what signals it’s sending out.

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