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Trump’s Meeting With Putin Blurs US-Russia Relations

A foreign policy expert takes a look at how the high-profile exchange between the U.S. and Russian leaders went down.

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India Needs a Grand Design for Economic Reform

India's new government has been reproached for the piecemeal nature of reform so far. Procedures for certain government approvals have been streamlined and states are inching ahead on once taboo labor reform. But a grand design for further and bigger reforms has been missing.

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Indonesia Needs Confidence in Economic Integration

Indonesia has benefited significantly from opening up to trade and investment. It responded without hesitation to plummeting revenues from oil exports in the early 1980s with sweeping reforms to reduce tariffs, non-tariff barriers, red tape in customs clearance and procedures for obtaining business permits. These reforms spurred the expansion of light-manufacturing industries and helped the economy reach a steady rate of …

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