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Fethullah Gülen: Public Intellectual or Public Enemy?

It may sound farfetched that a scholar living in Pennsylvania planned the overthrow of the Turkish government. But Turkey is demanding the U.S. extradite the Hizmet leader.

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Will Pakistanis Resist a Coup the Turkish Way?

Pakistan’s ruling elite fantasizes that Pakistani public, like in Turkey, will flood the streets in case of a military coup. But can the political realities of the two countries be really compared?

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Gülen Movement Eclipsing Erdoğan in Turkey

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is Turkey’s most successfully elected prime minister, but his power is dramatically diminishing. Erdoğan is ruining a solid reputation. In 10 years, Turkey has tripled its growth rate, becoming one of the most productive emerging economies.   [/box]The government has put a stop to the army’s continual interference in political affairs. It  is trying to ease the conflict …

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