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Slow and Steady Approach Needed for Myanmar Reforms

Burma’s economic transition has thus far centered on the low hanging fruit of tourism and garment manufacturing. But the possibility that the jobs created will be reserved for a tiny minority of well-educated Burmese, and will serve the interests of oligarchs and strongmen, is very real.

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Pakistan Boosts Coal Production to Ease Power Shortages

The government has approved 10 new coal-fired power plants to ease Pakistan’s mounting energy crisis, with some areas of the country facing power cuts of 20 hours a day.

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Finding the Roots of Poverty in Rural Nepal

Despite six decades of development interventions and nearly a billion dollars in annual foreign assistance, Nepal is still struggling to combat rural poverty. Some experts and local leaders say improving the lives of the rural poor requires patient community-driven initiatives and proper management of the resources communities already have, rather than large-scale strategies.   According to 2010 data from the International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD), a …

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