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Rhetoric Cant Defeat Pandemic, Cooperation Can!

One big lesson that we all should draw from the covid19 crisis – as witnessed in USA, Brazil, Russia, India and Pakistan, is that pandemics know now borders and that they require trans-border cooperation instead of finger-pointing. Political rhetoric in one country will never be able to stop adverse winds – calamity, pandemic – from outside. Cooperation can, nevertheless, help in prevention and protection.

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How Pandemics Have Changed American Cities – often for the Better

For centuries, disease outbreaks have forced cities to transform physically and operationally in ways that ultimately benefited all residents going forward.

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Pakistan: An Emergency is Upon Us

Pakistan so far has paid scant attention to the economic side of the pandemic. Its economy has been in a bad shape even without all the global turmoil though slight signs of a beginning recovery have been seen recently the situation is still quite volatile. Though the full economic outfall of the global crises is not yet here, but it surely will come and it will endanger its national security.

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