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Gaza Blockade — No Signs of Loosening

Despite Israel and Hamas entering a ceasefire, aid groups are reporting no relaxation in Gaza’s crippling blockade by Israel. Some analysts are warning that the threat of the deal collapsing is real, especially as there appear to be few enforcing mechanisms.

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Chasing Bullets in the DRC

Studies estimate that the trade in ammunition for small arms and light weapons in Africa is worth $4.3 billion per annum - more valuable than the trade in small arms and light weapons themselves, an estimated $2.68 billion.

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Fighting Food Insecurity in Afghanistan

A network of critical emergency grain reserves across Afghanistan is set to boost food security and help strengthen resilience in a country that struggles to grow enough food to feed its 31 million people.   “Grain reserves for a country like Afghanistan are absolutely critical,” Gerard Rebello, Head of Logistics & Pipeline at the UN World Food Program (WFP), told …

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