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Against All Odds, President Trump May Finally Bring Peace to Afghanistan

The US-Taliban talks are currently indicating towards the formation of a national interim government. However, this formation could still see some roadblocks. The Afghan security establishment, in collusion with “spoilers”, could push back against the peace talks.

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Obama, Politicians Respond to Senate CIA Torture Report

President Obama says the CIA’s "troubling program" involving enhanced interrogation techniques on terrorism suspects in secret facilities outside the United States were "inconsistent" with America's values as nation. But some Republicans say they don't endorse the report's conclusions.

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US Drone War: The Need For A New Story

  There are competing narratives about the US’s drone war in the Waziristan area, a bastion of militants. These narratives have so far failed to gain traction in the public, inside Pakistan and elsewhere. The Pakistani narrative goes like this: the drone attacks are a violation of our national sovereignty. They kill innocent people, including women and children, as collateral …

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