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View from Africa: Is Nigeria Too Big to Fail?

The destruction of Boko Haram will not necessarily lead to a more peaceful and stable Nigeria. The extremist group rose out of a toxic brew of corruption, religion, politics and ethno-regionalism, in which struggles over Nigeria’s vast oil revenues have played out for decades.

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Africa in 2014: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

For some parts of Africa 2014 has been a bad year. Wars in South Sudan and the Central African Republic continued, and Libya all but imploded. But the year was also good for ruling parties and former liberation movements in Southern Africa. From Namibia to Botswana, South Africa and Mozambique, those in power stayed in power.

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Nigerian Military Knew of Kidnapping Threat

International human rights advocacy group Amnesty International on Friday accused the Nigerian government of knowing hours beforehand of the threat to hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls still missing but not taking action to protect them ahead of their abduction.   “Amnesty International has confirmed through various sources that Nigeria’s military headquarters in Maiduguri [130 km from the kidnapping] was aware of the impending …

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