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‘Spring Cleaning’ in Balkans Politics

Politics in the Balkans witnessed some “spring cleaning” from its extreme north to the south. One government collapsed, a new one emerged and a new president was elected. However, no new leaders have surfaced from the electoral dust, but some of the old are promoting dynamism and new ideas. Judging solely through personal observation, one can imagine that the “odious” times of communism have not yet passed.

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Protest Assemblies Plant Seeds for a Bosnian Spring

“We want to show our politicians what real democracy is,” said one young Bosnian protester in the streets of Sarajevo. “We’re building democracy from scratch, like the Greeks did,” commented another protester, who is a retiree. It’s a rainy day in Sarajevo, but the Bosnian citizens are persistent. If their politicians keep failing, the citizens will have to change the …

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Bosnian Spring that Might Not be Only Bosnian

Civil unrest that started last week and turned to violent riots and setting fire to government buildings and police cars in the cities of Sarajevo, Tuzla and Mostar and some other locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina has already been called a “Bosnian Spring.” It was even compared to the current Ukrainian uprising. Regional countries were alerted that the people’s mass …

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