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Afghanistan at the Crossroads

Economically dependent on the foreign presence, Afghanistan will need to work hard to succeed on its own.

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Widening Trust Deficit Between U.S. And Karzai

America is in its year-end holiday mode, while a potentially explosive situation is building up in faraway Afghanistan. President Barack Obama is on a fortnight-long family vacation in Hawaii. Holidaying elsewhere are his Secretary of State John Kerry and some other big guns of his administration. Clearly, one of their top priorities on return to Washington will be to bring …

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Afghanistan-US Long-term Partnership: What’s at Stake?

With President Karzai’s persistence in his refusal to sign the bilateral security agreement between Afghanistan and the US, the opponents of the agreement are finding a louder voice in opposing the much crucial security agreement between Kabul and Washington. In recent weeks, as the standoff over a timely signing of the security pact has continued, the militant groups have lauded …

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