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Greece and its ‘Eurogeddon’

Despite the European Commission’s pronouncement of a Grexit scenario having been in place, this seems unlikely. In all likelihood it will be the euro that will suffer more and possibly fall apart if Greece exits in one way or another.

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Why the Greek Election Is So Important

Europe has its first far-left party since the financial crisis. What is Syriza and why does it matter? Will Greece really leave the euro? All your questions answered.

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Greece Looks to Avoid a Third Bailout

Greece is raising the prospect of debt relief with international lenders as Prime Minister Antonis Samaras announced a primary surplus of 1.5 billion euros as proof the country’s battered economy will begin to rebound this year.   Samaras said, however, he is keen to avoid a third bailout that may contain additional austerity measures, which he has repeatedly rejected, and …

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