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Hybrid Warfare Challenges for Pakistan

In a globalized world, nationalism with the idea of fixed borders and the understanding that my own nation is better than that of people and nations beyond one’s borders is outdated. That is why there is a need to substitute the nationalist idea with patriotism in education and media.

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Barbarians Inside the Gates

Given the nexus between corruption, organized crime and terrorism a cleansing operation against the criminal and the corrupt in Pakistan's Punjab province is the “now or never” moment for eliminating the barbarians inside the gates.

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Pakistan and India’s Regional Ambitions

Anyone would be foolish to wish for an India-Pakistan war, one that could lead to a nuclear holocaust. The process of dialogue must focus on compromise so that the situation does not spiral into war, death and destruction. India and Pakistan can come to an “arrangement” over Kashmir if an “agreement” is not possible.

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