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Baghdadi’s Death is a Huge Blow to Islamic State, But What Next?

IS will be set back for many months, and perhaps even years. It will struggle to regain the momentum it had under Baghdadi's leadership.

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What Arab Partners Will Get in Return for Syria Strikes

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, the UAE and Jordan are all on board against Islamic State. What’s in it for them?

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The Geopolitics of the Islamic State

Both the West and the Gulf Arabs suggest that the terrorism that they dislike against themselves is acceptable to others. The history of their policies suggests that Western and Gulf Arab intervention leads inexorably to the creation of police states (as in Egypt) and terrorist emirates. Al-Baghdadi has announced that his vision is much greater than that of the Saudi King or the government in Tehran. He wants to command a religion, not just a region. Of such delusions are great societies and cultures destroyed.

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