Infographic: Steps to Fix Immigration System

Posted on 11/20/14
By Admin | Via White House
(Courtesy White House)
(Courtesy White House)

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What the Supreme Court’s DACA Ruling Means for Undocumented Students

The DACA program was always intended as a temporary policy that might allow young people who arrived in the United States as children the opportunity to stay and build their adult lives here. Eventually, the undocumented – and everyone else in the United States – will need a longer-term solution.

Supreme Court Ruling on Dreamers Sends a Clear Message to the White House

From the beginning, this case was not about whether the president has the authority to rescind DACA. All of the parties involved agreed that he does. Rather, the question was whether under U.S. law, the executive branch has to give complete and accurate reasons for its actions.

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