July 21, 2018

Will Egypt-Ethiopia-Sudan Diplomacy Placate Other Nile Countries?

Unless all potential beneficiaries find a way to share the Nile water conflict will continue. Read More »

The Draft US Nuclear Posture Review is Not as Crazy as it Sounds

The proposal of new, low-yield warheads seeks to convince adversaries that there is no step in the escalation ladder that the US would not be able to answer reciprocally. Read More »

Justice for Palestinians and Security for Israel

Given the history of the region and the damage recently inflicted by President Trump's declaration of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, a one-state solution will never bring peace to the region. Read More »

Bulgaria: The Unforeseen Effects of EU Presidency

Bulgarian politicians and officials will have to challenge the stereotypes about Bulgaria during their six-month presidency and learn to strike coalitions in the EU. Read More »

Burundi Requires Greater Innovation

Burundi’s ongoing political instability highlights the stark divide between global conflict prevention rhetoric and practice Read More »

Ukraine on the Brink of Kleptocracy

Europe needs to confront Ukraine’s leadership sooner rather than later. Read More »

Spain’s Kosovo-Catalonia Conundrum

Madrid is inadvertently equating Catalonia and Kosovo and, by doing so, revealing itself to be unable to distinguish between legitimate aspirations for self-rule and destabilizing separatism. Read More »

If Asia Leads on Climate, the World Will Follow

China and South Korea could be game changers on climate — and create a more peaceful region in the process. Read More »

Why is Turkey So Eager to be Led Down the Belt and Road?

The magic of the Belt and Road Initiative is not the economic benefits it will offer Turkey or China. Rather, it is how the BRI taps into Ankara’s desperation to find alternatives to its economic and strategic partners such as Germany and the United States, and how it supports China’s desire to establish its own economic architecture. Read More »

What Europe Can Do for The Western Balkans

It is high time for the EU to move beyond ‘stabilocracy’ and stand up to ethnic nationalist kleptocrat political leaders. Read More »