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October, 2015

  • 12 October

    ‘Kill the Beef-eaters!’

    India’s globe-trotting Prime Minister assures the world that India is the destination to invest in, the world’s most cultured country to work in. But will it allow foreign investors their prime pieces of steak when they crave for it in India? Or do Indians only butcher their own beef-eaters?

  • 11 October

    Lithium Market Set to Explode – All Eyes Are on Nevada

    Even more than hybrid cars, grid storage and the ‘powerwall’ will drive lithium demand through the roof.  Now the game is all about new resources—and specifically, American resources, with all eyes on the brine. Tesla knows this, and so do its competitors. Investors who know this will get in on the game before new entrants start producing.

  • 7 October

    Millions Spent to Influence TPP Outcome: Report

    All told, companies and groups paid lobbyists $2.6 billion while TPP was on their agenda, though that figure includes the companies’ outlays to lobby on all issues listed along with TPP on each report.

  • 6 October

    ISIL Poses a Threat to Afghanistan

    The ISIL is getting foothold in Afghanistan whose weak government has no counter-terrorism strategy to deal with the emerging threat, warns one Afghan analyst.

  • 6 October

    Is Russia Plotting to Bring Down OPEC?

    Russia can be seen as maneuvering to split OPEC into two blocs, with Russia, although not a member, persuading the "Russian bloc" to isolate Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Arab OPEC members within OPEC. This might persuade the Saudis to seek a compromise with the have nots.

  • 5 October

    Somaliland: The Strains of Success

    Successful state building in Somaliland has raised the stakes of holding – and losing – power. While Somaliland has remained largely committed to democratic government, recurrent political crises and delayed elections risk postponing much needed internal debate.

  • 5 October

    What does the Greek crisis mean for the AEC?

    ASEAN economic cooperation has a good deal to teach Europe in terms of focusing on ‘best practices’ rather than just national treatment and emphasising ‘open regionalism’ rather than just ‘intra-regionalism’. It would be a grave mistake for ASEAN to follow the European example in the monetary realm before its time.

September, 2015

  • 24 September

    What Happened to Brazil?

    Latin America's largest country once looked ascendant. Now it's been laid low by widespread violence, structural racism, endemic corruption, and external economic shocks.

  • 22 September

    The Error of Fighting Terror with Terror

    The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) says preliminary evidence suggests that more than 100 people have been ‘disappeared’, several killed and scores of others tortured in an ongoing operation by government security agencies.

  • 22 September

    The Roots of Violence in Central African Republic

    The roadmap to ending the crisis in the ethnically divided Central African Republic, which includes elections before the end of 2015, is only a short-term answer.