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May, 2016

  • 11 May

    The Real Scandal Behind the Panama Papers

    The Panama Papers revealed how financial system opacity enables crime, corruption, and terrorism. The United States has an opportunity to lead in the global effort against corruption—after getting its own house in order.

  • 5 May

    Pakistan: A Complete Encirclement?

    Can an apologetic policy towards the Afghan Taliban really help Pakistan end its global isolation and put it on the path to development?

  • 3 May

    Water Scarcity May Hit Economic Growth: World Bank

    The negative impacts of climate change on water could be neutralized with better policy decisions with some regions standing to improve their growth rates by up to 6 percent with better water resource management.

  • 1 May

    Angola: Risk and Reward

    This sub-Saharan country is trying to diversify its economy and reduce its dependency on oil exports.

April, 2016

  • 30 April

    A Disaster in Waiting in the Himalayas

    A senior Pakistani official recently issued a largely ignored statement about the environmental impact of status quo between the armies of Pakistan and India on the world’s highest battleground, the Siachen Glacier. Some military check posts on both sides here are as high as 21,000 feet above sea level.   Presence of Indian forces on Siachen Glacier, is harmful to the …

  • 25 April

    The Limits to Chinese Political Power

    China must be dealt with as it is — case by case, rule by rule, situation by situation. Seeing China clearly as it is requires understanding and accepting the limits on anyone’s power to change it inside or outside the system, and working with the China we have, not the China that even President Xi encourages to dream of 50 or a 100 years hence.

  • 25 April

    Tough Time Ahead for Bhutan’s Hydropower

    Flash floods, sediment deposits and low river levels could make trouble for the Himalayan country’s dam plans – the bedrock of its green economy.

  • 25 April

    Your Devices Can Spy on Your Every Move

    Bad guys or law enforcement could hack into our networked gadgets to spy on everything we do – and it's not clear how a laptop's video camera or an Amazon Echo fits within wiretapping laws.

  • 18 April

    Will Sri Lanka Overcome its Economic Woes?

    It appears that Sri Lanka is in for some tough negotiations with the IMF. It has to address the structural issues, bring in financial reform to expand the tax base, reduce unnecessary expenditure and address the budget deficit. And it must do all these in a difficult political climate.

  • 11 April

    Are Poor Societies Stuck with Dictators?

    A classical political science debate focuses on whether democracy is dependent on development. The director of the Electoral Integrity Project revisits the issue using new data from African elections.