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April, 2016

  • 25 April

    Your Devices Can Spy on Your Every Move

    Bad guys or law enforcement could hack into our networked gadgets to spy on everything we do – and it's not clear how a laptop's video camera or an Amazon Echo fits within wiretapping laws.

  • 18 April

    Will Sri Lanka Overcome its Economic Woes?

    It appears that Sri Lanka is in for some tough negotiations with the IMF. It has to address the structural issues, bring in financial reform to expand the tax base, reduce unnecessary expenditure and address the budget deficit. And it must do all these in a difficult political climate.

  • 11 April

    Are Poor Societies Stuck with Dictators?

    A classical political science debate focuses on whether democracy is dependent on development. The director of the Electoral Integrity Project revisits the issue using new data from African elections.

  • 11 April

    The United States of Flint

    Our outdated infrastructure will fall apart if we don't invest in repairing it — that's just physics.

  • 10 April

    India: The Problem of Secretive Tax Havens

    Panama is a tax haven, but Mauritius is one with which India has a comprehensive double tax treaty. This complicates matters more.

  • 5 April

    Explainer: What Are ‘Tax Havens’?

    Tax havens such as the Cayman Islands, Switzerland, the British Virgin Islands and Panama have a few key things in common.

  • 4 April

    What’s Behind the Flare-up in Nagorno-Karabakh?

    Complacency in the face of long-understood risks should be replaced by strong political will and effective mechanisms to prevent further escalations in Nagorno-Karabakh – and indeed elsewhere in Europe and Russia’s shared neighborhood.

  • 3 April

    Sunny Days Ahead for Blossoming China–Nepal Ties

    It is no coincidence that Chinese aid is flowing into Nepal at a rapid rate. China prioritizes relations with Nepal due to its geo-strategic location, lying between India and China’s autonomous region of Tibet. Chinese interest in Nepal has been stoked by national security concerns related to the free Tibet movements.

  • 3 April

    Is the American Dream Dead?

    The Conversation Editor’s note: This article kicks off our collaboration with Point Taken, a new program from WGBH that premieres Tuesday, April 5 on PBS and online at The show will feature fact-based debate on major issues of the day, without the shouting.   The American Dream that has existed in this country for over 50 years is on …

  • 2 April

    Is Nuclear Energy Isn’t Worth the Risks?

    The scariest part of the Brussels attacks is something that hasn’t happened yet and hopefully never will: an act of nuclear terrorism.