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June, 2016

  • 21 June

    US-China Maritime Disputes: Too Close for Comfort

    Tensions are ratcheting up between China and the United States over maritime boundaries in Asia.

  • 11 June

    A Failed State in Latin America?

    There's still hope for the "pink tide" that swept aside Latin America's right-wing dictators. But in Venezuela, Chavismo is on its last legs.

  • 11 June

    Chahbahar And Gwadar

    With free trade zones and only 72 kilometers to be inter-connected by road and rail, Chahbahar and Gwadar are complementary instead of being in competition.

May, 2016

  • 30 May

    Security Risks in the Age of Smart Homes

    Smart home technologies have some major security weaknesses that better design and programming could solve.

  • 30 May

    Responding to Sri Lanka’s Economic Crisis

    The gloomy short-term economic forecast is bound to test the strength of Sri Lanka’s ruling coalition. In managing painful economic reforms, the government’s hard work is only beginning.

  • 23 May

    Megadonors Capitalize on Offshore Opportunities

    The release of the Panama Papers has brought fresh reminders of the stunning amount of wealth held offshore, but that’s a world these donors and their firms navigate routinely as part of a rarefied investment community far more wealthy and sophisticated than the market to which most people have access.

  • 17 May

    Japan Courts Russia at Sochi Summit

    Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s decision to travel to Russia in spite of US warnings, and to propose a new level of economic cooperation, may prove to be an important step in pursuing a stronger long-term relationship with Russia.

  • 16 May

    Coastal Flooding Threatens Cities Across World

    According to projections for the year 2070, India’s Kolkata and Mumbai top the list of cities whose populations are most exposed to coastal flooding, with 14 million and 11.4 million respectively. The first seven cities on the list are from Asia, followed by Miami at number eight.

  • 14 May

    Indian Air Pollution A ‘National Crisis’

    India dominates list of world’s top polluted cities, new data from the WHO reveals, with cities in Pakistan and Bangladesh catching up fast.

  • 12 May

    Failing Afghanistan and the World

    It's not too late for the United States to help get Afghanistan back on its feet.