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November, 2020

  • 18 November

    FoodLens: Home Made Turkish Döner Recipe

    Home versions of ready-to-eat foods often suffer a slight loss of flavor. But Döner is not one of them.

  • 17 November

    Is Bangladesh Stuck on the Periphery of Asia Because of India?

    India has self-isolated from the core of Asia, but Bangladesh cannot remain shivering in the cold outside, says one analyst.

  • 13 November

    Turkmenistan Fails to Create Vast Lake in Karakum Desert

    Authorities prefer to pour money into huge vanity projects than invest in local water solutions to help long-suffering farmers, says writer and environmental activist Farid Tukhbatullin.

  • 13 November

    East Africa Has Yet to Tap its Full Maritime Potential

    Africa isn’t a player in global maritime trade, despite 90% of its imports and exports being seaborne. But with five coastal countries in IGAD, a Regional Maritime Council could boost economic growth, trade integration and livelihoods.

  • 11 November

    Biden’s Climate Change Plans Can Quickly Raise the Bar

    Aligning the possible and the transformational is the challenging work of politics, and this is where Biden’s 47 years in Washington and reputation for working across the aisle are invaluable.

  • 11 November

    Confronting Islamophobia with Dialogue

    What happened in France was wrong, the beheading was brutal and despicable, and in the circumstances the reaction of the French President was emotional but it was also wrong.  However, we must engage France (and the French President) in dialogue, not get engaged in overlapping emotions that could lead to more violence.

  • 5 November

    How Europe is Losing the Great Power Competition in Africa

    European activities in Africa risk unwittingly drifting onto territory contested by the US and China on their own terms.

October, 2020

  • 28 October

    Pakistan’s Ticking Pension Bomb

    Pakistan's increasing burden of pensions is a ticking bomb, making for a big chunk of the budgetary expenditure which needs immediate attention.

  • 16 October

    View from Bangladesh: How Grateful is India?

    One Bangladeshi writer laments how India disrespects his nation despite it being grateful for Delhi's help in his country's liberation war. "Our neighboring nation should have had a more mature attitude after all these years," he says.

  • 1 October

    Could a Few State Legislatures Choose the Next President?

    Trump’s campaign is considering asking some of the 29 state legislatures with Republican majorities, in charge of a total of 300 electoral votes, to depart from current practice in choosing their Electoral College delegates.