October, 2017

  • 31 October

    8 Killed in Terrorist Attack in Manhattan

    No evidence at this stage to suggest a wider plot or a wider scheme, says Governor Cuomo. The attacker, 29-year-old of Uzbekistan origin, shot, injured and in custody.

  • 29 October

    Tricking And Treating Has a History

    Everything you need to know about the history of Halloween.

  • 23 October

    Is Local News on The Cusp of A Renaissance?

    A new study explores the state of an industry that's tapping creative revenue streams and incorporating new tools to engage with readers.

  • 7 October

    How Safe is Your Smartphone from Hackers?

    Your smartphone may be at risk of being hacked even while you are charging it at the airport or replacing its broken screen.

  • 4 October

    Do Gun Purchases Go Up After Mass Shootings?

    Research on background checks for gun purchases suggests there is an increase in gun acquisition a few months after a mass shooting happens.

September, 2017

  • 29 September

    Lessons Pakistani Democrats Can Learn from Tom Price

    Tom Price's resignation may mean an end to his political career, but it reinforces the trust of millions of voters in the American democracy. What can quasi democracies like Pakistan learn from this episode?

  • 20 September

    Trump Speaks at The UN: 5 Takeaways

    The president threatened North Korea and decried the decimation of the American middle class – but didn’t have much praise for the work of the United Nations.

  • 12 September

    Mental Health Impact of Major Disasters Like Harvey and Irma

    After the storm is over, it's time to rebuild – and natural disasters can affect survivors' health for years to come.

  • 10 September

    How Renewable Energy Will Excel Despite the Trump Admin

    Donald Trump has famously called climate change a hoax. He’s been a bit more ambiguous about his views since he started his presidential campaign, but still seems to lean more on the side of disbelief. His policies certainly don’t place much importance on combating climate change or using more renewable energy. His rhetoric has focused much more on coal and …

  • 8 September

    Are catastrophic disasters striking more often?

    Saturated media coverage of hurricanes like Harvey and Irma can make it seem like disasters happen all the time. Is the frequency of billion-dollar disasters really rising?